My Wife Made Pie

Being back in Oregon is so great. The air is crisp, temperatures in the mid 60's and I can see evergreen trees around every corner. Its been a busy couple days getting back up to speed on all things home -  setting up shoots, writing emails, editing two months of personal work.. I am spent. So.. on this rainy March 11th, my wife made apple pie. The apples were brought to us by some friends from church and the flowers were picked off a tree that I'm pretty sure is growing wild in our back yard. Oregon is refreshing. 

Israel Nebeker of Blind Pilot, Gregory Alan Isakov and Anna Tivel @ The Voodoo

Israel Nebeker is one of my favorite musicians and songwriters. He fronts a band called Blind Pilot and took an evening to host a free show with Gregory Alan Isakov and Anna Tivel at the Voodoo Room. Normally Blind Pilot and Gregory will play to thousands of people a show, so finding them in a room that can barely fit 75 was a rare treat. Cheers to secret shows and beautiful songs!

46 ° North Farm

I am working on a project called Pipe & Knife. The idea behind P&K is to highlight real people doing meaningful things. 46° NORTH FARM is exactly what I aim to share with that publication. 46° North supplies fresh and locally grown produce to markets and individuals throughout the Coastal NW area. I will have more of a write up on these fine folks in P&K's debut issue, but here are some photos of them. Real people, doing meaningful things. I believe in farm to table. Support your local farmers.