Libby + Derrick | Oswald West State Park Engagement

We had scheduled the shoot for 5:30pm. Looking at the weather all day I wasn't sure how it would be. It was raining off and on - and windy. We thought about rescheduling, but decided to brave the elements and hope to find something beautiful. When we reached the location we were blown away by the rolling fog and beautifully overcast skies. Libby, Derrick and I shot till sundown. Fog rolled in and out, sometimes so heavy we couldn't see 30ft in front of us. This is one of my favorite engagement sessions I've ever done. Thank you Libby and Derrick for allowing me to share the afternoon/evening with you guys. 

Jon + Meredith x Astoria, OR / Columbia River Engagement

Its been a long year. I haven't posted a set of photos like this since May 31st. Since then I've taken so many photos, been so many beautiful places and have so much to share. While I work on future blog posts - this is an engagement session I did this past summer on the Columbia River. The owners of Buoy Beer allowed us access to their rooftop overlooking the river and we had a blast. Thank you Jon and Meredith for letting me shoot your engagement photos!

My Wife Made Pie

Being back in Oregon is so great. The air is crisp, temperatures in the mid 60's and I can see evergreen trees around every corner. Its been a busy couple days getting back up to speed on all things home -  setting up shoots, writing emails, editing two months of personal work.. I am spent. So.. on this rainy March 11th, my wife made apple pie. The apples were brought to us by some friends from church and the flowers were picked off a tree that I'm pretty sure is growing wild in our back yard. Oregon is refreshing.